Collaboration with Débrouillage is easy and risk free: due to fixed pricing, we carry all the risks

  • Client defines the questions
  • Risk Free, no engagement
  • Client and Débrouillage discuss and clarify :

– Content scope
– Timeline
– Feasibility
– Budget
– “Wild card questions” can be left open

  • Pricing is purely based on questionnaire (quantity, difficulty)
  • Unlike other consultancies, the more time we have, the easier it is
  • Débrouillage makes a fixed price for answering > 80%
  • Débrouillage works off-site and does not require a client team
  • Interim results are send upon availability
  • Typically client jour fix every 1-2 weeks about understanding and follow up questions
  • If “wildcards” were agreed, project progress on both sides might lead to additional or new questions, and can be treated without change-order
  • Débrouillage makes a final documentation with :

– Complete slide master
– All backup files

  • Usually, > 80% of answered questions is agreed upon
  • Only to the extend we succeed, payment is due
  • We sell through happy customers, so handing something back happens in <1% of cases
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