We get things done against all odds. Our never give up attitude helps us find alternative and innovative ways.

Our company culture is Debrouillard, which means we have a can-do, entrepreneurial mindset!

company culture

Often we also have to consider macroeconomic or political dimensions, even geopolitical ones.

We are driven by the quest for insights and are known for our ability to derive and discuss insights and conclusions on top of facts and information.

We have the willingness to commit to a clear statement if convinced; Otherwise, confidence levels of facts obtained will be openly exposed; integrity is a standard we will never compromise. We speak “truth to power” and do not prepare reports only to please our clients.

We do not enter client company politics; we focus on convincing through objective insights; clients decide how to use the results of our work.

We are organized as a meritocracy, which means that we value flat hierarchies, and one’s place in the organization depends entirely on one’s value add for the organization, not on formal education, past jobs, tenure within the organization etc., and can change from project to project. We listen to specialists and practice constructive conflict.

We are proud of our near-perfect retention record. If we share a reference, the people who worked on that project are most likely still all on board.

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