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Strategic market research and Consulting

Débrouillage is a strategic market research and consulting company.

Our goal is to consistently provide highest quality facts, figures and insights, best suited to make thorough strategic business decisions.

In some areas we resemble classical management consultants, in other areas we have a unique approach:

Classical Management Consultant
Débrouillage Ltd.

  • Involved in project portfolio of strategy, benchmarking, restructuring, sales increase, merger & acquisition etc.
  • Work for the same customer types (e.g. top management, strategy department, investors)
  • Specialization in limited number of industry verticals
  • Is mostly triggered by the client for his information needs
  • Works offsite
  • Works independently, uses own external industry experts
  • Manages own value add only
  • Has limited access to client internal information
  • Sells facts and figures in the form of reports
  • Delivers information without judgment or interpretation
  • Delivers a report with the raw facts, based on the authority of independent industry experts
  • Is involved in the information baseline, but not in the decision making or implementation
  • Focus only external
  • Is paid success based according to the information delivery
  • Very broad industry portfolio
  • Proposes new topics proactively to the client
  • Works on the client’s premises
  • Works closely with a client core team on
    a daily basis
  • Manages the client project
  • Has access to client internal information
  • Proposes concepts and methods
  • Discusses with the management about
    the different options and prepares decisions
  • Develops an action plan, aligned with the client management incl. commitment of
    all stakeholders
  • Is involved in the implementation
  • Focus internal and external
  • Is typically paid according to daily or monthly rate