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How ventures work

In general, our future entrepreneurs start working as full time employees with Débrouillage. During this secure phase, the venture is being prepared.

We help the potential entrepreneurs through promising business ideas, start-up consulting and hands-on support and possibly limited financing in exchange for equity.

While initially Débrouillage provides the future entrepreneur with an employee-like situation, a spin off is targeted from the start.

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Evolution of involvement of Débrouillage

  • 100% ownership
  • Ideas generated by Débrouillage
  • Decision who is a suitable entrepreneur
  • > 50% ownership
  • Team member(s) are made entrepreneur
  • Débrouillage is co-founder with equity for idea, financial and direct support
  • < 50% ownership
  • (Partial) exit of Débrouillage is part of business plan
  • Further role as business partner, board member or advisor as agreed case by case