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What "Débrouillage" stands for

Débrouillage [debRuja3]

Derived from French: noun brouillard fog, verb débrouiller, adjective débrouillard.


Débrouiller [debRuje]

(1) vt (cables) to disentangle; (mystery) to unravel, unriddle, to see through

(2) se débrouiller vpr to manage, to get by; to make do; to cope with sth.; to grapple with sth.


Débrouillard, -arde [debRujaR, -aRd(ə)]

adept; adroit; artful; canny; clever; deft; dexterous; handy; nifty; nimble; resourceful; skillful; slick; smart; subtle; swift



Operation which consists in reestablishing to its initial state an electronic signal which has deliberately been scrambled (embrouill? in order for it to be clear and understandable again (e.g. set top box);
in analogy, speaking of sth. unrelated to electronics